New Horizons Toastmasters


Club #6350, District 3. Established 1986


New Horizons Toastmasters is a non-profit organization that offers the Toastmasters International educational program in a structured, friendly, respectful, and supportive environment. Members learn by doing and watching fellow club members. We are a diverse club with members from all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Some members are completely new to public speaking while others are very experienced Toastmasters.

Located near the Chandler Fashion Mall in Chandler, AZ, we are very easy to find and have plenty of parking. From the Loop 101, take the Chandler Blvd exit and proceed east to Carriage Lane. The blue dot in the picture below represents the American Legion sign you will see at the corner of Chandler Blvd and Carriage Lane. The red dot, down the sidewalk from the parking lot, is where our meetings take place every Tuesday at 6:45PM.


The only way to find out if New Horizons Toastmasters is right for you is to attend a meeting and experience it firsthand. Guests are always welcome at our club. We will not pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable and we will happily answer any questions you have about Toastmasters and how it can help you achieve your goals.

Please explore our site to learn more about New Horizons Toastmasters. We hope to see you at our next meeting.

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No meeting on December 27

New Horizons Toastmasters will not have a meeting on Tues December 27, 2011. This is the week between Christmas and New Years.

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Persuasive Speaking Advanced Communication Manual

Nicholas Hrycan, ACB

I recently completed my 2nd Advanced Communication manual, Persuasive Speaking, earning me the Advanced Communication Bronze (ACB) award. I enjoyed working on the Persuasive Speaking manual and completed the 5 projects in this manual in roughly 5 months. Here is an overview of the manual:
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Continual Growth and Development, Part 2

Maggie Sherwood, DTM

As promised, here are a few more ways to grow inside the club:

  • Deliver modules directly aimed at making your club more successful and yourself and your fellow Toastmasters better. Progressing toward your AL (Advanced Leader) Bronze, you will be required to deliver two modules from the Successful Club modules, which help clubs make strides toward Distinguished Club goals, modules that include subjects such as how to achieve distinguished club, how to mentor new members, and how to evaluate speeches in order to motivate members. For your AC (Advanced Communicator) Silver award, you are expected to deliver two modules from the Successful Club Series and/or from the Better Speaker Series, which includes subjects such as organizing your speech, preparing good introductions and conclusions for your speeches, and taking the fear out of speaking, and all of which help both new and experienced toastmasters with their speaking ability.
  • Mentor a brand new member. This is certainly one of the most valuable contributions you can make to the growth of a new member and the strength of your club. You will help the new member “learn the ropes” through the first times he/she performs the various meeting functions and through his/her first three (at least) CC (Competent Communicator) speeches. In addition, you will receive credit for this mentoring in both your CL (Competent Leader) Manual and toward your AC Gold.
  • Now that you have a better understanding of the opportunities waiting for you within your club, in a future issue, I will give you some suggestions about how you can grow and progress as a Toastmaster outside of the club.

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Continual Growth and Development

Maggie Sherwood, DTM
Now that you have just completed (or have almost completed) your Competent Communicator (CC) and finished that first manual, you are probably wondering if there is anything left for you to do in Toastmasters in general and New Horizons Toastmasters in particular. Believe me, there is plenty for you to do, both inside and outside the club.

In this and a future post, I will focus on the opportunities for you to grow within New Horizons.

  • Work on completing your Competent Leader (CL) Manual: As you may know, this is the fifth year since Toastmasters International has instituted a two-track system to Toastmaster achievement and growth: Communication and Leadership. If you wish to receive your Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM), the highest achievement an individual Toastmaster can achieve, you have to complete both parallel tracks. Completing the CL, the first step on the leadership track, involves getting credit for functions you perform within the club at every meeting. In addition, it gives credit for special functions within the club, such as mentoring a new or existing member, chairing a club special event (a club contest or open house), or helping the club on a special project (managing a club contest or the club web site).
  • Begin working on your Advanced Communication (AC) Manuals: In order to progress on the AC track to your DTM, you must complete six five-speech advanced manuals, two each for AC-Bronze, AC-Silver, and AC–Gold. If you have seen a list and descriptions of these fifteen manuals, you know that they cover a wide spectrum of Toastmaster interests and opportunities, all the way from Technical Speaking, to Interpretive Reading, to Humorous Speaking, to Speeches by Management. So you shouldn’t have any problem finding ones that fit your particular desires, strengths, and challenges. When you file your application for your CC, you will notice that Toastmasters International (TI) will provide your first two AC manuals as a gift to start you on your advanced adventure.
  • Offer to become a Club Officer: This is the next logical step on your Toastmaster adventure by helping your club directly as an officer. You will have experienced members in the club who will give you advice on how to perform any one of the seven officer roles, and you will also receive formal training by experienced district leaders at the semi-annual Toastmaster Leadership Institute (TLI). In addition, after serving as a club officer for the first time, you will be more ready and able to serve in future officer roles, and you will receive credit toward your AL Bronze by participating in TLI.

Those are three ways you can grow within the club. Next week I will give you a few more.

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Got the Heebegebees?

Barbara Schumacher, DTM

We get frightened and feel a little adrenalin rush when we have a close call while driving periodically, but most of us don’t get panic attacks unless we are getting ready to – gasp – speak in public! Hello, heebegebees!

Rest assured, stage fright is common to all speakers concerned about their performance. Try to remember that a little nervous tension is a good thing, and nervousness is directly proportional to how you perceive any situation.

There are three things about public speaking we can all do to improve our abilities. It doesn’t matter if you are already a professional speaker or if you have not yet given your ice breaker speech. Everyone benefits from these three little things.

Your mirror is now your new best friend. It may not be a magic mirror, but it sure does have power, and so do you. Today you will learn how to begin to see the image of the power within you in that mirror.

You know you are on the agenda to speak. You wrote your speech. You made changes to it and you are satisfied with it. Now, go to that mirror. But don’t say one word!
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A Message from Shelby

I have great news to share with the group. I am happy to announce that I have accepted a permanent position with the company I started contracting with last November. Unfortunately, due to the job being in another city, I must leave New Horizons Toastmasters.

My wife suggested I join Toastmasters last September after my recent unemployment. I recall my first night at New Horizons and meeting everyone for the first time. My first Table Topics experience that night was a definite learning experience – my heart was racing at 3X its normal pace as I addressed the group.

That night, New Horizons had a special guest speaker, a former NFL player. What an inspiration he was – not only on his skillful delivery but the content of his life story! At the conclusion of the meeting, everyone at the club was so polite, encouraging, and friendly that I decided right then and there to join New Horizons.

Over the next few weeks, I learned many important listening and speaking skills. I attribute my now improved communication skills to ACTIVE participation in the weekly meeting functions and the encouragement from my fellow Toastmasters. As you know, I was preparing for my first speech, the Ice Breaker, when I got the contract position that took me away from the club.

I recommend Toastmasters to my new coworkers, telling them of my experience and the benefits of participating in Toastmasters. I enjoy the friendships that I developed at the club and I hope to see and hear about New Horizons in the future. I plan to join a local Toastmasters club to continue my self enrichment. Wish me luck in Toastmasters and in my new job position.


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A Goal for the next 12 weeks

Nicholas Hrycan, CC

Have you ever been stumped by a question or have been asked a question you would rather not answer? The February 2010 issue of Toastmaster Magazine can help you! It contains an article title “Turning the Table on Table Topics” by Craig Harrison, DTM, and explores 12 strategies to conquering Table Topics.

To those readers who may be unfamiliar with Table Topics, it is the part of our meeting where club members are challenged to think on their feet. The members are asked questions they do not know in advance and must give a 1-2 minute answer.

The 12 strategies described in the article are:
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Interpersonal Communication Advanced Manual

Nicholas Hrycan

Your Toastmasters journey does not end once you complete the Competent Communicator manual and earn your Competent Communicator Award. The next step is the Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) award. To earn this award, you must complete two Advanced Communication manuals, each of which has 5 projects. There are many Advanced communication manuals to choose from, each focusing on a subject matter.

I recently completed the Interpersonal Communication advanced manual. Its focus is communicating with individuals on a one-on-one basis instead of presenting your message to a group, which is the focus of the CC manual.
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Chandler Food Bank Donations

Maggie and Ed will be accepting food donations for the Chandler Food Bank until mid December.  Please be sure to bring your non-perishable items with you to the meeting.

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Visit us at our next meeting!

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 6:45PM

American Legion Post 35
2240 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ, 85224
Map It

Our club is open to everyone.
Questions before the meeting? Contact Maggie by email or phone 480-820-8754

"Through its member clubs, Toastmasters International helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking – vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster human understanding and contribute to the betterment of mankind."

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