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A Goal for the next 12 weeks

Nicholas Hrycan, CC

Have you ever been stumped by a question or have been asked a question you would rather not answer? The February 2010 issue of Toastmaster Magazine can help you! It contains an article title “Turning the Table on Table Topics” by Craig Harrison, DTM, and explores 12 strategies to conquering Table Topics.

To those readers who may be unfamiliar with Table Topics, it is the part of our meeting where club members are challenged to think on their feet. The members are asked questions they do not know in advance and must give a 1-2 minute answer.

The 12 strategies described in the article are:

  • Bridging
  • Reframing
  • Dialogue
  • Quotes, Jokes, and Sayings
  • The Monodrama
  • The Far Side
  • Moderator
  • Outer Space
  • Time Traveler
  • Play Devil’s Advocate
  • Mystery
  • Gibberish

The full details of each of these strategies can be found in the February 2010 issue. If you are not a member, you can still learn about these 12 strategies by visiting our next meeting. One or more members surely will have a copy of the magazine with them and would gladly show it to you.

Do you have a personal goal in mind for your next Toastmasters meeting? How about your next 12 Toastmaster meetings? Learn about the 12 strategies in the February 2010 issue of Toastmaster magazine and challenge yourself and use a different strategy each week during your Table Topics session.

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Meeting Time: Tuesdays 6:45PM

American Legion Post 35
2240 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ, 85224
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Our club is open to everyone.
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"Through its member clubs, Toastmasters International helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking – vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster human understanding and contribute to the betterment of mankind."

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