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Maggie Sherwood, DTM
Now that you have just completed (or have almost completed) your Competent Communicator (CC) and finished that first manual, you are probably wondering if there is anything left for you to do in Toastmasters in general and New Horizons Toastmasters in particular. Believe me, there is plenty for you to do, both inside and outside the club.

In this and a future post, I will focus on the opportunities for you to grow within New Horizons.

  • Work on completing your Competent Leader (CL) Manual: As you may know, this is the fifth year since Toastmasters International has instituted a two-track system to Toastmaster achievement and growth: Communication and Leadership. If you wish to receive your Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM), the highest achievement an individual Toastmaster can achieve, you have to complete both parallel tracks. Completing the CL, the first step on the leadership track, involves getting credit for functions you perform within the club at every meeting. In addition, it gives credit for special functions within the club, such as mentoring a new or existing member, chairing a club special event (a club contest or open house), or helping the club on a special project (managing a club contest or the club web site).
  • Begin working on your Advanced Communication (AC) Manuals: In order to progress on the AC track to your DTM, you must complete six five-speech advanced manuals, two each for AC-Bronze, AC-Silver, and AC–Gold. If you have seen a list and descriptions of these fifteen manuals, you know that they cover a wide spectrum of Toastmaster interests and opportunities, all the way from Technical Speaking, to Interpretive Reading, to Humorous Speaking, to Speeches by Management. So you shouldn’t have any problem finding ones that fit your particular desires, strengths, and challenges. When you file your application for your CC, you will notice that Toastmasters International (TI) will provide your first two AC manuals as a gift to start you on your advanced adventure.
  • Offer to become a Club Officer: This is the next logical step on your Toastmaster adventure by helping your club directly as an officer. You will have experienced members in the club who will give you advice on how to perform any one of the seven officer roles, and you will also receive formal training by experienced district leaders at the semi-annual Toastmaster Leadership Institute (TLI). In addition, after serving as a club officer for the first time, you will be more ready and able to serve in future officer roles, and you will receive credit toward your AL Bronze by participating in TLI.

Those are three ways you can grow within the club. Next week I will give you a few more.

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